The Maven Mantra

For those of you who are meeting me for the first time, let me recite my Mantra:

  1. It’s ALWAYS about character.
  2. It is NEVER different this time.
  3. You are born; you live; and then you die. Prioritize your life.
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My Goal

My goal is to synthesize large ideas into reasonable investment themes by taking a dispassionate view of the entire landscape and to avoid being distracted by short-term noise (local volatility).

Most importantly, to use Common Sense, a skill that is not of great value during formal schooling, but is the fulcrum of real life.

If You’re Still Reading...

If you are still reading this site, you can afford to take a vacation and enjoy your family. Remember, family trumps work. Those extra few dollars cannot replace “kid time”. The graveyards are full of indispensable people (and you know I mean you).

While this is certainly not “G-d’s work”, I do believe I provide some value to society. I hope some of the notions I expound will help you to do the same.

— HB